Environmental Initiatives

Lake Karapiro Lodge has been conscious of its carbon footprint since the planning stages and incorporated a great number of eco-friendly initiatives into the design and construction of the Lodge. The company has a well developed environmental plan and continues to deploy new and sustainable initiatives to stay current.

The Lodge is in the Maungatautari Ecological Reserve flight path which means we have an obligation to continue to implement policies that enhance the environment whilst maintaining a quality uncompromised tourism product.

Building Insulation

  • All internal and external walls insulated with eco friendly recycled glass fibre.
  • Beneath the brick cladding the building is enveloped in natural, replenished plywood.
  • Floors are insulated to keep rooms warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Laminated window panes throughout (double glazing).
  • Thermal lined/black-out drapes are installed to all glazed areas.
  • Gardens and Grounds

  • No toxic sprays of any kind are used at the property.
  • Heritage fruit trees planted throughout the grounds provide fresh organic fruit for breakfasts and desserts.
  • Herb gardens provide fresh garnishing for meals.
  • Rain water is collected from the poolside conference facility's roof and stored separately for use on gardens, lawns and for the swimming pool.
  • Driveway surface is local sourced gravel.
  • Spa pool has an ozone device to purify the water.
  • Water

  • Rain water is captured from the Lodge's vast non-toxic colour steel roof and stored underground.
  • Water is filtrated using fine carbon filters then treated by ultra violet light.
  • Storage capacity assures an abundance of water is available for guests at all times.
  • Capacity provides four months supply with the Lodge running at full capacity.
  • The region has never gone without rain for longer than a month!
  • Heating/Cooling

  • Living areas have open fires fitted with heat exchangers that distribute warm air to adjoining rooms.
  • Dunnage (natural timber used as padding to protect freight during shipment) and returned from China is used as fuel
  • Guest rooms are installed with energy efficient reverse cycle heat-pumps.
  • Isolating water-heating systems enable unused rooms to be shut down when not in use.
  • Cleaning Materials

  • The use of cleaning materials is limited and only biodegradable and natural products are used.
  • Recycling/Waste Program

  • A comprehensive recycling/waste policy is in place and strictly adhered to.
  • Organic waste is composted on site and re-used in vegetable gardens.
  • Inorganic waste is recycled.
  • Sewerage System

  • An on site system is installed and provides for excess run-off to be used to fertilise the Lodge's native tree plantation.
  • The Greater Community - Waikato and New Zealand

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    - New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development

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    “Thank-you for a lovely lunch at your wonderful lodge, and that lovely view has to be seen to be believed. We all came away saying what a wonderful place you have.”

    Busy Bee Garden Group